Writer’s block and updates

Been awhile since I’ve updated the blog, so I thought I’d just check in.  I’ve finished the first draft of one of the novel’s (by the way, working title is Time’s Scar) story lines.  I’ve begun work on the second story line and it is progressing well enough for a first draft.  I’m sure I’ll have much work to do to get it ready for beta readers, but such is the nature of a first draft.

I took the better part of a week to focus on some short stories.  I’ve written a few drafts, and edited two or three old ones as well.  Also took the time to write down a few of the ideas bouncing around in my head.  Otherwise I’m liable to forget them before I get them on paper/screen.  But back to the shorts, I’ve got one I’m getting ready to submit for contest here locally that is in the final stage of editing.  I’m nervous and excited for that, it’ll be the first piece I submit for judging.  There is another I’m going to start putting a lot more effort into and, if it turns out, enter it into Writers of the Future.  I’m also looking for decent publications to submit the odd short to, in the event I get a piece I feel is worthy of submission.  I’ll worry more about that in the future though.  (Both of those contest entries will be posted here after the contests are over for the period they are entered into.)

That’s about it for now, still plugging away on Time’s Scar…although the last few days have been a drag in terms of getting myself into the feeling of the story.  I discovered it was because I was forcing the story too much.  I knew where I wanted it to go, and I just kept pushing it in that direction.  Once I realized this, the solution was clear.  I sat back and let the story speak to me, let it tell me where it wanted to go.  After that the words started to flow marvelously!  And, lo and behold, I even progressed the story to the place it “needed” to end up.  Something to think about, I would say, to any other writers out there.  If you’re experiencing writers block, consider the reasons why.  Maybe your story is trying to tell you something.


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