Some excitement…

Well, not a *lot* of excitement for me personally…yet at least, hopefully soon though!   First things first, my non self related excitement…I now own The Skull Throne (Peter V Brett)!  This is the fourth book in the Demon Cycle and I am eagerly looking forward to tearing into it.  First things first though, I’m currently in the beginning pages of A Thousand Splendid Suns (Khaled Hosseini) and then I have another book to read before I get back into fantasy.  I’m trying to expand my literary horizons so I’m getting some much needed variety.  Still, I’ve heard nothing but great reviews and I am eager to sink myself into Brett’s world once again.

As for my own writing, well…there are lower levels of excitement there.  I don’t have anything published this week after all, but I do have the draft of a submission complete!  I’m giving it some time away before I tackle the editing process.

Just today…well, I suppose yesterday now (I’m up late with my toddler who has decided that 12.10am is the *perfect* time to play with cars), I submit a short story to Fantasy Faction as part of their monthly writing contest.  The theme was rogues, and I wrote a short entitled The Botched Con.  You can view it on their website if you visit the monthly writing contest forum.  After they make a decision on the winner I’ll decide whether or not to post it here.  If I win, since it will be featured on their site I likely won’t.  If they decide not to use it then I’ll throw it up here for anyone who’s interested.

As for the novel…it’s been sorely neglected in favour of short stories lately.  I’m still plugging away, but the creative juices have been flowing with other projects of late.  And deadlines for other things have been fast approaching.  There is nothing imminent at the moment, so I should be able to dedicate a good deal of time to it for the next while before I start on the next short story.  Ink Ribbon Press is accepting submissions and I had an idea I might send their way if I can get something good on paper.  For the time being though, I’m happy with the way things are going.  I’m making submissions, pretty happy with the end result of what I’m sending in, and plodding along at the longest project I’ve taken on (novel started waaaaay back in 2010, but most seriously over about three different periods spanning maybe 7-8 months).  Hopefully by the time May rolls around I’ll be finishing up the novel’s first draft, have a submission for Ink Ribbon Press, and have started editing for my Writers of the Future submission.  I’ll also try to check in more often here this month…but no promises!


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